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3...2....1... Launch!

Eternalflame (Soul) EXTARC posted Apr 4, 14
It's April 4th! The Elder Scrolls Online has officially launched on the PC and Mac. 
If you haven't been playing during Early Access, then welcome. 
Also, please take a look at this new trailer:

darkhobbit i dont really like this cinematic

1 Day.

Eternalflame (Soul) EXTARC posted Mar 29, 14
I can hardly believe it. Am I dreaming, or does ESO really release tomorrow? 
Daily Build Challenge:
Dragonknight Healer

TES Song Pick: 

If all else fails, this song will get you hyped for ESO.

Daily Activity: 
None. Just rest so you'll be ready to play tomorrow.
Sharess I'm ready to answer the call. 2 hours to go, wooooooo!

2 Days!

Eternalflame (Soul) EXTARC posted Mar 28, 14
I had some issues with my internet last night, and could not post the activities for yesterday.
Character Build Challenge: 
Templar DPS or a Sorcerer Tank
TES Song Pick:

(These guys make the best TES music, sorry for lack of variety.

Eternalflame (Soul) EXTARC Take your time ...
DarthRupert SCT Don't worry Soul i'm creating all these builds it just taking a while. ...
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